Jan 16, 2009

16th - Particles "-fu-" and "-em"

The particle of time "-fu-" is commonly used together with the particle "-em" to mark sorrow.

Cucu = grandmother (mother's mother)
Ñi cucuem = my grandmother (who passed away)

When the modified word ends in "-e" the semivowel "-y-" is added for euphonic reasons.

Ñuke = mother
Ñi ñukeyem = his mother (who passed away)

Sometimes it used to express sympathy:
Kuralge = eye
Agkvrkefuy ñi kuralgeyem = His poor eyes dried up (long time ago) !! (to mean "he lost his sight")

Note: the verb "agkvn" /aŋ'kən/ means "to dry up". Notice the use of the middle particle "-rke-" marks a story or account. It is also used to express surprise or wonder.

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